These are specially selected books because they are primarily first person accounts that are very readable and very revealing of political realities and human behavior. Watergate unfolded like a combination of a Shakespearean drama as Nixon tries to escape the noose of truth while the daily broadcasts of the Watergate hearings brought the country to a uniform standstill and played like one of the best serialized dramas. The characters in the drama – the authors of the books below and Nixon’s aides – are all people true to their principles and points of view. These books are worth reading in succession. The end point of this mass or books is an obsession for the truth and a reverence for the Constitution.

New Books About Watergate:

First Person Accounts of the Senate Watergate Committee & John Dean:

First Person Accounts of the Special Prosecutor, Watergate Conspirators & Nixon Tapes:

Third Person Histories of Watergate & Its Effects on the Nation: